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Aviation Safety: Air Disasters…No News Is Not Good News

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It wasn’t too many weeks ago that the lead story on every network was Malaysia Airlines, Air Algerie or Trans Asia.  In fact, aviation and air disasters were pretty much the only story.

These days, turn on CNN, Fox News or the network newscasts and there’s nary a mention of any of these tragedies.  Sure, we just heard about an accident in Iran which appears to have killed 39, leaving nine survivors.  It’s been reported that the aircraft involved in that accident was a Soviet design, built in Iran, so one could be cynical and say “what do you expect.”  Doing so however, doesn’t lessen the tragedy of any air disaster.

Returning to the two Malaysia Airlines disasters, Air Algerie and Trans Asia, we hear pretty much nothing about the investigation, the families, the search effort or, for that matter, anything else.  Well, that’s not exactly correct.  During the last few days, we have learned the Malaysian Government, already a majority owner of Malaysia Airlines, is going to buy the rest of the outstanding shares and re-brand the airline.  Not surprising and certainly not unprecedented.  Moreover, over time, it will probably be successful and future air travelers will likely not associate the name Malaysia Airlines with whatever name the re-branding results in.

The future aside, what about the past?  What’s going on regarding the search?  How about the families?  What about the investigation?  Lots of question remain, but no information, much less answers, are forthcoming.

The media has moved on.  The crisis in Gaza.  The crisis in Ukraine.  The Ebola crisis.  Individually and collectively, these ongoing events have knocked aviation off the front page and removed it from the category of “breaking news.”

The tragedy of these airline disasters continue unreported and pretty much unnoticed except, of course, by the families.  Hopefully some progress or activity is underway that will ultimately result in answers.

Maybe the reporting is better in other countries, because there’s certainly none in this country.